Hard Cover Coffee Table Book
(or eBook)

Starlette & Saint
A Memoir on Dualism
Illustrates the journey from an ego based person to one whois spiritually centered. Mae’s memoir unearths her personal evolution through the song lyrics she has penned throughout the course of her life. This book of prose and self reflection reaches into the kind wisdom of the world’s spiritual teachings as a means of finding inner peace and fulfillment.

Original Music
Starlette & Saint hard cover book (and eBook) is accompanied/
illustrated by 4 cds or mp3 down-loads of Mae’s original music.


Cook Book (or eBook)

Mae’s Starlette & Saint
Cook book of Menu Sets,
Showcasing the seasons of the book’s journey, out December 2017..

Features 4 seasons of menu sets, correlating to the music
of Starlette & Saint. This collection of Mae’s favorite recipes is a hybrid of her Vietnamese and French heritage.


Hard Book (or eBook)

New Magical Children’s Book,
is out Nov 2017