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January – March have me developing two songs from complete opposite spectrums of consciousness.

The first song is for my upcoming CD Presence… the song is melancholy and meditative, entitled “Kindness” or in French: Bonté.  I had an urge to translate the lyrics into French, as it always feels more haunting and expressive to sing in French. How is it that a language is both ethereal and yet so poignantly concise?

The second song I’m creating, from my upcoming CD LA N8V, is called “Lost & Jealous”.  It’s a gritty, gloomy and frustrated rant, told from the point of view of a struggling musician’s first days in Los Angeles.

Feel welcome to a listen:  My reading an excerpt from my book “Starlette & Saint”, followed by the song:  Airport Rain.

Airport Rain was a song written to assuage a teenage broken heart.

Though we all get over those early crushes, this song has gone on to mean something deeper.

Over the years, Airport Rain has become a great life lesson in the art of graciously enjoying and letting go.