About Mae

Mae was born in Saigon to an American G.I. father and a Vietnamese mother.  Soon after her birth, her family moved to Los Angeles.

Mae’s love for the violin began when she was four.  Soon after, she discovered her brother’s guitar, and would strum the strings, humming impromptu melodies.

Little has changed.

Mae would go on to compose well over 300 songs.

Copious violin practice landed her a chair with the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra of California when she was ten.   The Junior Philharmonic Orchestra of California is one of the oldest and most distinctive, young people’s symphony orchestras in the United States. It was founded in Los Angeles, California on January 22, 1937 by its conductor, Dr. Ernst Katz.

The Jr. Phil performances were simulcast on PBS and KABC  from the Century Plaza Towers, The Dorothy Chandler Pavillon, The Disney Concert Hall and The Scottish Rite Masonic Temple Auditorium.

In her early teens, Mae began writing rock music. She confesses wearing too much hair spray while performing originals with various bands at colleges, festivals, the Whiskey a Go Go, Gazarris, The Roxy, Madame Wong’s and the Troubador.

Throughout her decade of live performance and recording dozens of her original songs, she won the honor of Best Cadet at her military school, took flying lessons, received professional culinary training,  graduated from college and delved into film editing classes. Since then, she has won an Emmy award for her TV editing.

But her first love – songwriting – remains prominent in her life.

Mae recently released a 4 CD set with accompanying hard cover book of lyrics and prose, entitled “Starlette & Saint”.  This multi-media project garnered Mae 2 Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominations, along with numerous radio interviews.  Shortly following the release, Mae made the Music Connection’s list of Hot 100 Unsigned Acts.

Presently, Mae is developing numerous creative projects.

She is working on two music CDs, Presence and LA N8V.

Her YouTube Video Series Sacred Places  transports viewers into nature or into the company of an artist at work. The music from these videos is available as complimentary downloads to her email subscribers.

Mae is excitedly writing a beautifully illustrated children’s adventure book series. The writing of an epic war novel set in Vietnam is to follow.

Mae’s passion for good food turns metaphor with her upcoming cookbook “Starlette & Saint” – The Seasons of Life Menu Sets.  Taking the seasonal journey outlined in her book “Starlette & Saint” one step further, Mae bridges the concept of spiritual nourishment literally, with her “philosophical” cookbook .

Recent Press Article:

Ethereal Indie Rocker and Author Mae Edwards Launches ‘Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism’ — an Ambitious Multi-Media Project Chronicling Her Evolutionary Journey

Musician and author Mae Edwards released a bold 45 song multi-media project: a 4 CD set accompanied by a lushly illustrated hardcover book “Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism”.

The book includes lyrics and chord charts for every song, paired with prose discussing how each song served to solve inner turmoil.

Her commentaries reflect her years of soul searching, with thought provoking references to folklore, world history, psychology, travel destinations and popular film.

LOS ANGELES, CA –  In the late ’80s, Mae Edwards was still years away from embarking on the powerful and life-changing spiritual journey that has come to define her music and artistic aesthetic. Perhaps sensing something big was coming, she wrote lyrics that perfectly captured her bold approach to life.

The opening lines of “Castle of Dreams,” a song she wrote for Stages of a Dream, recorded by her prog-rock heavy metal band Mental Landscape, were: “I will feel no regret tomorrow. No fear for what the future holds…”

For Edwards, that “future” is now, as she embarks on the release of a fascinating and bold multi-media project, starting with the rollout of 45 tracks on four CDs over a period of a few months, which she is launching December 1 with the 11-track set No Prayers Could Ever Save Me From the Love You Never Gave Me.

She has also published the lushly illustrated hardcover book “Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism,” which includes lyrics and chord charts for every song and beautiful spiritual prose commenting on them. Her commentaries reflect her years-long studies into numerous spiritual traditions as well as thought provoking references to folklore, world history, psychology, U.S. travel destinations and popular film.

For the lavish “Starlette” persona, which represents the egotistical narcissistic self, Edwards dons a 1930s Hollywood hairstyle, feathered boas, tough leather outfits and fishnets. For the “Saint,” she wears the white hooded robe of the Virgin Mary, the armor of Joan of Arc and bears the Sword of God as a symbol of spiritual strength.

The songs and book are also available digitally, with the tracks downloadable as mp3s and the book available on iTunes/Bookstore.

Also in the works is a unique 52-week menu set cookbook, inspired by the emotions of these songs.

To add depth, gravitas and edge to fresh recordings of these pieces, she co-produced them with Johnny Karlsson, a onetime Swedish guitar wunderkind best known for his extensive work in TV, film and game music.

The tracks were later mixed by Eric Greedy, whose pop/rock resume includes everyone from Ringo Starr and Robbie Robertson to Barbra Streisand, Smashing Pumpkins and Kelly Clarkson.

Mae’s books and music are also available digitally, with musical tracks downloadable as mp3s from www.maeedwards.com, iTunes bookstore, Amazon bookstore  and Amazon mp3.